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Gulliver’s First Trip to the Beach

Leonberger puppy

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Howard Chaykin draws sexy dames

I have always been impressed with Chaykin’s women. I think a large part of it for me, is the pulp aspect of his art. It is not the most polished stuff in the world. I am not referring to quality or skill when I say that. The man is not interested in fine, pretty lines when he makes his art though. 

I read an interview with him once where he states that comics are not, and will never be art. He kind of laughed at those who said it was. They are low brow entertainment, he said. If you have read this man’s books you know that is bullshit. But it does give an idea of where he is coming from when he makes his art.

 He draws stuff that I like on an instinctual level, if that means anything to someone who is not me. I don’t have to spend time thinking about what is good about it, it just works. It is passion put on paper.

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